Why SlideRight
SlideRight® Door Closing Systems Gives You Peace of Mind
When a sliding glass door doesn’t close, several things can happen, and none of them are good. That’s why the patented SlideRight® Door Closing System is one of the most important and valuable home improvements you can buy. SlideRight will turn your existing sliding glass door into a self-closing and self-latching door, providing an extra layer of security for your pool by keeping children inside, as well as providing energy efficiency to help minimize your heating and cooling costs. Furthermore, the SlideRight Door Closing System conforms to the Florida Building Code and the Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act as a primary pool
Why SlideRight
If you own a swimming pool, an open sliding glass door can be fatal to a child who wanders through it and falls into the pool. That’s why the state of Florida—a leader of child deaths and disabilities caused by swimming pools—has approved self-closing and self-latching devices for sliding glass doors.

Energy Savings
Does your sliding glass door get left open every time some one walks through it? When this happens, the air that you’re paying to heat or cool escapes outside, causing higher utility bills. So when you install a SlideRight®Door Closing System, it automatically starts to pay for itself with reduced utility bills.

Peace of Mind
SlideRight® provides peace of mind for families with childern, pets, swimming pools, and for senior citizen residences as well. You’ll enjoy peace and quiet, because SlideRight’s quality construction eliminates noise and lets your door close gently at a speed you can select and adjust.